Wobbly Bottom Cheese

One of the great pleasures about where I live is the Farmer’s Market on the first Sunday of the month. It’s a regular cornucopia of delights; smoked meats, homemade biscuits, pressed English apple juice, venison sausages, black treacle cured bacon,  but best of all, lots of different cheeses.

Some of the best cheeses are from Wobbly Bottom Farm  just outside Hitchin. The farm got into cheese making when a local dairy canceled their orders, so Wobbly bottom decided to make the cheese themselves. I think their goat’s cheese is so good is because the goats who supply much of the milk live in open barns and get to spend the day doing goat stuff over the 39 acres of pasture. The grass is supplemented with locally grown beans so the farm is nicely green while the goats are happy, happy.

The goat milk is made into both soft and hard cheeses which are blended with various herbs, my favorites being the soft cheese with piri piri and the hard cheese with nettle. There are also cow’s milk cheeses including one made with pesto which is just splendid grated over freshly drained pasta.

Until recently Wobbly Bottom relied on Farmer’s Markets but now they do web sales, give them a go at http://www.wobblybottomfarm.co.uk/default.aspx

4 thoughts on “Wobbly Bottom Cheese

  1. Happy goats , happy cheese . I’d love to try some Wobbly Bottom cheese. My doctor has told me to stay away from dairy products , but goats cheese apparently is fine 🙂
    Thank you !

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