Onion Soup with Pasta

This is a good standby if you need to have some food on the go for when someone has been working late.

First put some oil in the pan on a high heat chuck in some black onion seeds if you have them, then add two chopped onions, two chopped leeks, a couple of chopped chili peppers, some dried mixed herbs and some crushed garlic cloves. And don’t put the unpeeled bulb in a crusher like Jamie does, it may initially save a bit of time, but you waste a large part of the garlicky goodness and you still have to clean the bugger.

Let that sweat away for a bit until you start getting the sugar from the onions caramalising onto the pan. Chuck in a glass of port (or sherry, vermouth or wine) and a couple of teaspoons of Dijon mustard, give it a good stir to deglaze the pan because you want all the sugars to colour the soup. Top up with boiling water, chuck in a beef stock cube, turn down to a simmer and cover.

Now you can leave this for as long as you like to simmer, in fact the longer you leave it the better. Just check it every now and again to make sure it isn’t boiling too dry.

When it’s time just chuck in a pack of shop bought filled pasta, boil for a few minutes and serve with some good bread and some grated cheese and black pepper over the top

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