Wahaca and Chilis

One of my favourite restaurants is Wahaca. There are about four branches in London and so far we have tried the one in Docklands at Canary Wharf and the one in Wardour Street in the west end. Wahaca is the brainchild of telly chef Thomasina Miers and the theme is Mexican street food like burritos, quesadillas, tamales

chorizo and potato quesadilla

and the slow cooked pibel pork

Pibel pork

Food is cooked fresh and arrives when it is ready, so don’t expect the dining experience to be structured or pretentious, expect it to be fun. Aside from the food there is a good selection of Mexican beer and tequila and for a mere £10.60 we normally take a tequila experience each with a glass of blanco, reposado and anejo tequilas and a sangrita (orange, tomato and pomegranate juice).

tequila experience

Best enjoyed with some of these amazingly light pork scratchings and guacamole.

Puffy pork scratchings

And for desert some of the best churros and chocolate in London

Churros and chocolate

What’s also cool is that they give you this.

Chili seeds

Which looks like a book of matches but is in fact a book of chili seeds to grow at home like these little sprouts

Sprouting chili peppers

Which grow into these

Chili plants

No fruit yet but will keep you posted, for more info about Wahaca use the link to the right.

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