Shipscook’s Chicken Soup

We had a roast chicken for lunch, which was very nice but I think I prefer what I did with the leftovers.

As soon as we had finished I stripped the chicken carcass down. Any meat went in the fridge (or the cat) while the bones, skin and anything else went in a pan of boiling water with a couple of bay leaves, which I left simmering away all afternoon. I guess that was about three o clock.

OK now it’s about 7.30 pm so into a pan goes some olive oil followed by some bacon bits, a chopped onion, three chopped chilis, two chopped leeks, six smashed garlic cloves and the left over chicken. Once the onions and leeks have softened add a teaspoon of paprika, two teaspoons of Dijon mustard and a teaspoon of tumeric. Stir about, then chuck in a glass of white wine, add some chopped carrots and the strained chicken stock. Ramp up the chicken flavour with a stock cube and chuck in some pearl barley and some tiny pasta shells. Leave on a low heat for about an hour and then eat with some crusty bread.

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