Shipscook’s Lamb Stew

I got a nice pack of diced lamb on the way home for 99p and since it’s been bloody cold I decided to make a lamb stew.

Into the pan went some olive oil, followed by a chopped onion, two chopped leeks, four smashed garlic cloves and four chopped red chilis. Once they had softened up a bit in went the meat, some cubed turnip and two chopped carrots. For seasoning I added two teaspoons of cumin, one of coriander , one of paprika, one of turmeric, one of Dijon mustard and a shake of mixed herbs.

Once that had cooked off for a few minutes in went a glass of red wine, a lamb stock cube and a can of tomatoes. The pan was then topped up with water and left to simmer for about two hours. We had it with some cous cous while watching University Challenge, the nearest thing I ever do to watching competitive sport.

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