Bacon Jacketed Chicken Kievs

This is something I have freely adapted from a Hairy Biker recipe, the main difference being that instead of deep frying it in breadcrumbs, I baked it in the oven. Whether that makes it any more healthy who knows, I just didn’t have any breadcrumbs or a deep fat fryer. Serves three.

First the stuffing. Mix a quarter of a finely chopped red onion with four smashed garlic cloves, a handful of finely chopped parsley, about a third of a pack of butter,  and about an equal amount of grated cheddar. Fingers are about the best way to do it.

Butterfly three chicken breasts open (ie cut most of the way through then spread the breast open), cover with clingfilm, then bash flat with a rolling pin or similar blunt object. Throw the clingfilm away then divide the stuffing into three portions and roll into sausages about as long as each chicken breast. Place each sausage in a breast and roll the breast up tight. Wrap each breast in bacon and whack it in the oven for about 40 minutes on top heat.

We had these with roasted winter veg and snap peas, and very good they were too.

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