Pivovarsky Dum, Prague

The happy crew have just returned from our first trip overseas this year.

Our adventure began when we arrived at the Old Time Hotel to find that our booking had been cocked up (like why would a married couple want to share a room with two single blokes?) which resulted in us having to move to the Pension Brezina a short distance away. Just far enough away to cop a l0ad of the Goth receptionist’s poetry, but that is another story.

Anyhow, once we had all changed rooms once (no hot water on second floor, so why give us the rooms there?) we headed off for something to eat at one of my favourite Prague restaurants, Pivovarsky Dum. As you have probably guessed beer plays an important part in this restaurant’s life. Several different types are brewed there and served unfiltered.

Many different home brewed beers at Pivovarsky Dum

Suitably beered up we ordered our starters

Potato Pancakes

Deep fried potato pancakes, fried bread with garlic cloves

Fried Bread with Garlic Cloves

Beer cheese, which is essentially cheese marinaded in beer which we spread on rye bread

Beer Cheese

And smoked neck of pork with mustard and pickle

Smoked Neck of Pork with Mustard and Pickle

Naturally all this tasty salty food worked up a bit of a thirst so more beer was ordered. I went for a nettle beer

Nettle beer, just one of many different brews at Pivovarsky Dum

Green as spinach with a very distinctive peppery finish it is just one of the many different beers to sample. I also tried the standard home brewed lager, coffee beer which was a little like cough syrup and sour cherry, more beery than the Belgian equivalent but with a cherry in the bottom of the glass!. Other brews include dark beer, banana and wheat beer

So onto the mains. I had the Beef Goulash

Beef Goulash

This came with bread dumplings which were essential to mop up the beery gravy, that must have been stewing all day given the tenderness of the meat , Mab had rabbit with spinach

Rabbit with Spinach

While the lads tucked into pork with saurkraut

Pork with Saurkraut

As you can see the portions were massive so by the time were finished it was about as much as we could do to waddle back to the hotel

What’s the damage?

Four people with starters, mains and rather a lot of drink 1780 Czech Crowns, about £75 UK

Other items on the menu we sampled on other nights included a fantastic dip of cream cheese and raw garlic, beer stewed sausage, soused herrings and beef in candle sauce (cream and wild berries) All delicious and very filling. See the link to their website on the blogroll.

Pivovarsky Dum, Jecna/Lipova 15, 120 44 Praha 2

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