Pivnice U Pivrnce, Prague

Following our morning in the Jewish Quarter we had lunch here

Pivnice U Pivrnce

This is what is known as a traditional pot house, that’s pot as in beer pot obviously and this one is decorated inside with cartoons by Petr Urban, many of them quite rude! The main restaurant part is on the ground floor and the food is good hearty Czech cuisine, fairly basic stuff like goulash or roast duck. I had the beer battered chicken escallops which came with a mountain of chips and salad, the batter was quite exquisite. Nick found the notion of a starter called flatulence irresistible, it turned out to be onion rings! I’m not saying anymore about that.

Downstairs is a more pub like establishment which we used several times during our visit. A pint of Pilsner Urquell or Kozel (otherwise known as goat) was around 30 Crowns so not much more than a quid UK.

me downstairs at Pivnice U Pivrnce

Whats the damage? Well for four people: starters, mains and about two beers each expect to pay around 1400 crowns a bargain at just under £50.

Pivnice U Pivrnce, Maiselova 3 Prague 1

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