Three Colour Salad

The supermarket had some mango and avocado in the reduced to clear, so I thought I knock up my three colour salad.

Three Colour Salad

Into the bowl go two chopped chilis. Peel and de-stone the mango and avocado, cut them into chunks and in they go. Drain a packet of cooked beetroot, roughly chunk and chuck in. Take a small lump of ginger, grate it over the top and then add a small handful of pine nuts.

For the dressing: juice a lime, add a glug of balsamatic vinegar and some olive oil. Add a few drops of Tabasco Sauce to give it a bit of pep. Give it a stir, pour in and fold the dressing through the salad.

Here’s a tip: to neatly cut up the mango score around the stone and then use a table spoon to free the meat from the stone on either side. Once you have the stone out score a couple of lines through the fruit and turn it inside out. You can then easily free the chunks.

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