Breakfast in Edinburgh – Square Scottish Sausage Shortage

Try saying that and not developing a bad case of the Sean Connery’s, or better still:

“Sir Sean says severe square Scottish sausage shortage is serious”

I love a good Scottish breakfast, with Lorne sausage, bacon and black pudding,  just add eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and beans to this and you are away.

Heart attack waiting to happen

However not very practical when you are staying in the Travelodge, so where are our favourite breakfast places in Edinburgh?

Olly Bongo’s is right on Teviot Square, which makes it very handy during the festival  and popular with students from Edinburgh University.

Olly Bongo's Cafe

This is a great little Turkish cafe, a full Scottish is about £6 and comes with sausage, egg, bacon, mushrooms, beans, tomato and toast. For the more adventurous there is a Mediterranean breakfast with feta cheese and olives and a selection of bagels and wraps .

Full Scottish at the Rabbie Burns cafe on the Royal Mile comes with haggis and a potato scone too.

Full Scottish at the Rabbie Burns

It’s a great way to start a day wandering around the old town and pretty good value at £6.95, but it does not open up very early, which is a pain if you have an early morning train or an excursion bus to catch.

The Rabbie Burns

The Southern Cross in Cockburn Street, however is good for that quick getaway.

The Southern Cross

As you can guess from the name, this place is popular with Aussies and Kiwis, many of whom stay at the nearby Edinburgh Backpackers Hostel. It’s also used by the drivers and guides from the local excursion office. Full Scottish is £5.95 and includes haggis as well as hash browns, eggs, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage, bacon and toast. The staff are mostly students and if you don’t fancy one item are quite happy to swap it for another.

However having also enjoyed Scottish breakfasts in Glasgow and Dundee, the thing that puzzles me is the missing square Scottish sausage in Edinburgh restaurants, perhaps Sir Sean is right to be concerned!


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