Edinburgh Square Scottish Sausage Shortage Solved

We could not get into our normal hotel off Edinburgh’s Royal Mile for Beltane, so I booked us into the Haymarket Travelodge in the New Town. Now we are hardened to staying in Travelodges and despite the Robert Adam style exterior of this one, once inside we expected the normal poky little room, just one step up from a cell at a young offender’s unit. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to our room and beheld this.

It was vast, however the furniture was of course knackered and the bathroom designed for people the size of baboons, but the staff were very helpful and pleasant.

Naturally after all the excitement of the Fire Festival the night before, we were up at the crack of eleven to hunt down and kill our breakfast. However the New Town is just a bit too posh for a greasy spoon, so we headed for Princes Street. Now just behind Princes Street is Rose Street, where we knew there were a number of restaurants and pubs, but none of them were doing breakfast. Then just as we had passed  and dismissed the Filling Station a youth handed us a flyer, offering two Scottish breakfasts for £10 inside.

Seduced by the lure of two Caledonian breakfasts for a tenner (normal price £8.15 each) we settled down to wait………for quite some time before this turned up

The Caledonian Breakfast - with square Scottish sausage

Yes I had found somewhere in Edinburgh where they do a breakfast with square Scottish sausage! Believe it or not this plate was missing the potato scone and black pudding that was on the menu, however when I mentioned that they offered me another slice of Lorne sausage to make up for it.


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