Jack the Ripper the Musical

When I discovered that out local operatic society was putting on a musical based upon a vicious serial killer who horribly mutilated the prostitutes he murdered, I was intrigued to see how it would be done. The tickets were only a tenner so we thought why not make a night of it.

I have to say I actually enjoyed it very much. All of the cast and the band were very good and were obviously having great fun performing, while for an amateur company the costumes, make up and props were excellent. The musical itself was by Ron Pember and Denis de Marne and is mostly set within a Music Hall where the songs and sketches enact the story of the ripper murders. Some quite serious social points about the filth and poverty of the East End and how the working girls of Whitechapel were held in contempt by the upper classes were made, but there were also some laughs to be had. I particularly enjoyed the prostitute and music hall barker’s parody of Queen Victoria and her commissioner of police, while the policemen dressed as women complete with helmets and moustaches was as good as anything the Two Ronnies had ever done. A very naughty touch was the trial where the suspects included a Prince Albert, Duke of Clarence who was wearing a Prince William mask.

What with a couple of very generous glasses of wine from the Lopping Hall bar and a tasty kebab from Loughton BBQ on the walk home we had a super night out for just under £40, so well done Loughton Operatic Society.


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