Sunday in St Albans – Baby Bird Alert

On Sunday we decided to have lunch at Ye Old Fighting Cocks in St Albans, reputably one of the oldest pubs in the UK. While the meal was frankly not up to their usual standard (I really do hope Sunday’s mess was a temporary aberration) the journey through the park from the car park was a delight.

Many of the birds had new family members, one pair of ducks had at least eleven ducklings.

Mallard ducklings

The Canada geese had been busy too with a clutch of yellow green goslings

Canada geese with goslings

This coot was a bit behind with her brood and we were lucky enough to catch her on the nest turning her eggs.

Coot turning eggs

The park also has a breeding colony of herons on an island on the lake.


And we were also lucky enough to catch sight of a yellow wagtail

Yellow wagtail

Seen here in the pub car park. Other birds spotted were moorhen, mute swan, feral pigeon, jackdaw and magpie

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