Connaught Water, Essex – More Baby Birds

We took a trip over to Connaught Water this afternoon to have a look at how the birds were getting on. Connaught Water is an artificial; lake in Epping Forest named after Arthur Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, the seventh son of Queen Victoria and the first appointed Ranger of Epping Forest.

Connaught Water is famous for it’s bird life and while we were there we were lucky enough to see some baby coots, as well as plenty of males coots displaying’

Coot with chicks

I was also pleased to see some greylag geese, a species I have not seen at Connaught water before. these are supposed to be the ancestor of our domestic geese, but have been largely usurped by Canada geese on many of our waterways

Greylag Geese

The Moorhens also had young

Moorhen with chicks

As did the mute swans

Mute Swan with cygnets

Which of course meant that the cob (male swan) had every reason to threaten us with a broken arm.

"Let me at you I'll break your arm"

Also seen today:


Tufted Duck

Canada Geese


Carrion Crows

Wood Pigeon


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