Georgia Meze House – Paphos Cyprus

This is without any doubt my favourite place to eat in Paphos. I think the first time we came here was in 1988 and it’s still run by our friend Chris who named it after his daughter Georgia, who has now grown into a delightful young woman. We ate here on four occasions as we know the food is good and were sure of a happy welcome.

Chris offers a set menu were you can mix various starters, mains and deserts for a bargain €13.40 or you can select items like dolmades (stuffed vine leaves),


dips, steaks, chicken, lamb and pork dishes from the a’la carte menu. My favourites are the stifado (beef stew), tavas (lamb stew) and the lamb kleftico

Lamb Kleftico

Which just fall of the bone. The Mousaka is pretty good too.


Of course no Cypriot holiday is complete without a meze and for our €15 we got:





Greek salad

Feta cheese


Potato salad


Beetroot salad

Octopus salad

Halloumi and Lountza

Deep fried Squid


Cous cous

Jacket potato



Afelia (pork stew)


Sheftalia (home made sausage)

Pork souvlaki (kebab)

Needless to say we didn’t leave the place at all hungry

Considering there were four of us the damage was around €70 all in each time we ate there, including wine, water and beer.

Georgia Meze House, Corner of Constantias and Tefkrou

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