St Paul’s Pillar Restaurant – Paphos Cyprus

Just opposite the Ayia Kyriaki Church we discovered this place.

St Paul's Pillar Restaurant

This is the St Paul’s Pillar Restaurant and in many ways it was the gastronomic discovery of our trip to Cyprus. It’s run by a delightful woman from the north of England called Gillian and the food cooked by her Cypriot husband is magnificent. We were so impressed by the lunch that we had while out sightseeing, that we went back for an evening meal later in the week.

So what do you get for lunch?

Lunch menu at the St Paul's Pillar

Mab went for the menu shown above and very substantial it was too.

Village specialities

Nick and I went fo the Sheftalia (homemade sausage) souvlaki which was also very substantial as you can see here once several layers of salad are peeled away to reveal the very tasty sausage within.

Sheftalia souvlaki

The pitta was homemade and absolutely amazing. The Powder Monkey had chicken nuggets which she claimed were as good as those from Yates’s Fish and Chip shop in Walton on the Naze, so praise indeed. All in with beer, water and soft drinks lunch came to a very reasonable €35.

The following day we decided to have our evening meal there. I started with grilled Halloumi and Lountza which came with plenty of Gillian’s home-made pitta.

Halloumi and Lountza

Mab had the garlic mushrooms which were really delicious, while Nick had the pitta with taramosalata, tzatziki, tahini and humous and the Powder Monkey tucked into a bowl of chicken soup.

Garlic mushrooms

This was followed with Yemista for me, tomatoes, peppers and aubergine stuffed with rice and pine nuts. The vegetable casings just fell apart in my mouth, fabulous.


Nick had the Kleftico, the Powder monkey went for  pepper chicken, while Mab had this very generous and quite delicious portion of mousaka.


Complete with garlic bread, water, wine and soft drinks the whole meal came to a bargain €63. Certainly somewhere to remember for the next time we visit the island.

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