Dirty Seafood Paella

Dirty Seafood Paella

This was inspired by some of the meals we had in Cuba where the local people use a lot of black beans in their cooking.

First thing to do is get a big metal pan on the heat and chuck in a can of anchovies in olive oil with garlic. Then add some finely chopped chilis, a sliced onion, a chopped red pepper, chorizo chunks, chicken pieces and more garlic. Give it a stir about until the onion softens and the lovely red oil leaches out of the chorizo. It’s then time to add the rice. for four people I’d use about 250 grams of either Spanish paella rice or if you can’t get that Arborio rice will do. Coat the rice in the oil then chuck in a glass of white wine which should lift any glazed in sugar from the pan.

Next the stock. If you don’t have any proper stock, boil the kettle and to a pint of boiling water add a chicken stock cube plus a sachet of this stuff.

Paella cheating spices

You can get this from some Spanish grocers , but I buy it from Amazon and it takes all the effort out of spicing a paella.

So keep the pan topped up with stock until the rice is ready, should take about 20 minutes then chuck in some prawns and a can of tuna and some black beans. I use one of those tetra packs from the supermarket. Let it all heat through and serve.


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