Beware of Euro Health Card Scams

Most of us Brits know that when we travel in Europe we should have a European Health Card to access other EU members health services, should the need arise. These were introduced about 10 years ago to replace the old E111 that you used to get at the Post Office, but what a lot of people don’t realise is that the EHIC is only valid for five years so many of these cards are coming up for renewal. A word of caution when you look at EHIC renewal on line, there are a whole plethora of webpages offering to renew these cards for you, each one of which looks pretty official even to the extent of including the letters NHS in the URL.

Most of these are third party service providers who will charge you anything up to a tenner to supposedly vet your form before passing it on to the real NHS. Quite what the vetting involves for a tenner, I can’t imagine as they only need your name, address and NI number.

I just renewed mine for free at


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