Wahaca’s Mexican Street Kitchen – Canary Wharf

The Mexican summer for Shipscooksstuff continued tonight at Canada Square in Canary Wharf, where the brand spanking new Wahaca Mexican Street Kitchen  is parked up bringing Mexican street food to the well heeled streets of London’s Docklands. The kitchen is in a refurbished 1958 Citroen HY van complete with a charcoal grill and for today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday) to celebrate its debut the burritos are being given away free.

Handily Canary Wharf is only a slight diversion on the way home for us on the Docklands Light Railway. As soon as we got out into the open air from the station we could smell the delicious aroma of the grilled and stewed meat so it didn’t take long to find the Citroen and as fortune would have it the queue wasn’t too long.

The Wahacca Street Kitchen in Action

My steak burrito was rolled fresh in front of me with rice, black beans, salad, salsa, guacamole and crema. It was pretty much perfect both in size and content, Mab had the pibel pork and there were also chicken and veggie options available.

Now I suppose the question is which was better the Wahaca or the Poncho No.8 burrito? Well if Wahaca were a fast food takeaway they’d just about have the edge in my opinion, the spice and heat of the chili salsa is just that bit more fiery. On price the Wahaca burritos will be £5.50 so a bit cheaper than Poncho’s. They are both good though.

Anyhow full of burrito we headed home and I took the opportunity to snap the Olympic stadium from the DLR train as we passed the Olympic Park at Stratford.

Olympic Stadium from the DLR

Along with the huge Anish Kapoor sculpture that is going up along side it.

Anish Kapoor Sculpture part done

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