Shipscook has a Brazilian – with Salto Cachaca

Well there’s nothing like a cheap laugh to draw readers in is there? However the sort of Brazilian I had in mind has nothing to do with hair removal.

No more to do with this stuff – Salto Cachaca, which the nice people at Salto asked Shipscooksstuff to sample.

Salto Cachaca, two strengths - 27% and lethal

Cachaca is the national spirit of Brazil. Like rum it is derived from sugar cane, but where rum is usually made from molasses, cachaca is made from fermented sugar cane juice which is then distilled. I have never been to Brazil, but I first sampled regular cachaca in a Caipirinha or two in Ibiza about ten years ago. Salto is different to regular cachaca as it has a citrus flavour added which means that a Caipirnha made with the spirit will have a far more intense lime flavour. Salto also comes in two strengths. The stuff in the green bottle is 24% while the clear bottle is 37%.

So what’s the stuff like?

We tried it as a shot first. The 24% was quite pleasantly lemony, while as you would expect the 37% was similar but with more of a kick. Overall opinion was that it was better on the rocks though as the lemony taste didn’t cloy so much as when drunk neat. A change from tequila or vodka, but it would not be my first choice as a shot, I think it’s more a spirit for mixing. Next up was the Brazilian classic cocktail the Caipirinha

Salto Caipirinha

So how do you make a Caipirinha? Cut a lime into wedges and place two in the bottom of a tumbler, add two teaspoons of brown sugar and muddle together. In other word give it a bit of a bashing with either a muddler or a pestle. Then top up the glass with crushed ice and add the cachaca. This was very nice with an intense lime flavour nicely offset by the sugar, just the thing for a hot summer afternoon. Overall opinion was that the 37% worked better as the ice tended to dilute the alcohol too much to get a good hit off the drink with the 24%.

So finally the Brazilian. this is a long drink usually made from cachaca and lime juice topped up with lemonade. This we agreed was quite refreshing, with an intense citrus hit, a great drink for a long hot summer afternoon in the garden so long as you are not operating any machinery. We did give it a go without the lime and it worked equally well that way too.

So overall this stuff works well drunk over ice, as the base for Brazil’s national cocktail or with a mixer. As a shot though I found the citrus flavour too cloying. So would I buy it? Well to be completely honest I don’t think I’d bother with the 24%, it’s pleasant enough, but I do like booze to have a bit of poke and in a long drink the 24%  just does not do that.  The 37% is a different matter altogether and with the added citrus flavour it’s a great cheat for making summer cocktails.

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