Amsterdam – We Have a Lazy Morning

With so many places in the world to visit, a place has to be pretty special to merit the happy crew coming back time after time. Amsterdam is one of those places.

Tourist Boat Amsterdam

There are several reasons for this, we like the food, the pubs, architecture and art are great, it’s easy to get to from London, the Dutch are really friendly and they have a brilliant sense of humour. What’s also quite nice about a return visit is that sightseeing can be a lot more relaxed, there’s no pressure to cram in Rembrandt’s House, the Rijks Museum and a canal cruise and the Van Gogh Museum, etc.

We had booked a trip to Volendam and the fishing village of Marken for the afternoon, but in the morning we thought we’d just take a wander and enjoy some of the city’s architecture and the canals.

Canals and Architecture Amsterdam

Close to the hotel at Waterlooplein we found the flea market. There were no fleas but plenty of clothes, army surplus, old vinyl, bric-a-brac and tourist tat. Some of the stuff was actually quite good, so we picked up some gifts for the folks back home.

Flea Market, Waterlooplein

Still there is only so much shopping a bloke wants to do so we had a bit more of a wander, before we found the Frenzi Restaurant (Zwanenburgwal 232)

Frenzi Restaurant

where we popped in for a beer (well actually sat outside in the Sun) and liked it so much that we ended up staying for lunch. Nick and I had massive Amsterdam Old Cheese sandwiches, which came on black bread with a quince jam (much like Manchego does in Spain) and salad while Mab had a very tasty soup. With two rounds of drinks the bill came to €43.80, not too bad and it was just the thing to set us up for our afternoon of sightseeing.

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