Amsterdam – We do the Zoo

Amsterdam Zoo (Artis)  is in the leafy Plantage district of the city, a short walk from our hotel in Waterlooplein.

African cattle

Despite having been to Amsterdam many times before this was the first time we had been to the Zoo and the weather was so good even the lions woke up for a bit.

Wakey wakey Mr Lion

I liked the way the animals seemed to be kept in very nice enclosures, I was particularly taken by the walk through lemur island, where the only thing keeping the residents in is a moat and a cattle grid.

Lemur Island resident

This fellow was of course much happier under the water and we got a really good look at him sharpening his teeth on a rock from under the sea lion pool.

Sea Lion

There is also a big African animal paddock for the giraffes, antelope and zebra, a fantastic steamy reptile house,

Smile please

an aquarium with over 2000 fish and a bird house, where we met these two little owls who were having a kiss and a cuddle.

Ah Sweet!

There is also a planetarium, a geological museum and a collection of tatty stuffed animals, although they are in a room with those funky graphics with a conservation message.

Meanwhile these bats were just waiting for an opportunity to swoop down and drain our life’s blood,

Bats just hanging around

unless of course they were fruit bats, while this furtive looking penguin was on his way to find some fish before the herons from the canals ate them all.

You haven't seen me

Artis (Plantage Kerklaan 38 – 40) makes a great morning or afternoon out. Admission €14.

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