Edinburgh – Mist and Tapas at Barioja

While most of the UK was enjoying the hottest October for ages we were in Edinburgh for the weekend.

Edinburgh basks in the hottest UK October for ages, where's the castle gone?

Thanks to planned engineering works our East Coast train from London was delayed by one and a half hours, trundling from Newcastle on the east coast all the way to Carlisle on the west side of the country before making its way back over to Edinburgh on the east coast. According to the guard these engineering works had been known about for ‘about a year’ and it was as much a mystery to him as it was to us as to why our tickets had an arrival time of 12.31 printed on them when we were to eventually arrive at 1.58pm.

Of course our well laid plans for lunch with the student were scuppered, but fortunately close to Edinburgh’s Waverly Station is one of our favourite restaurants, Barioja (15-19 Jeffrey Street, 0131 557 3622). A fairly casual tapas bar and cafeteria, Barioja is the partner of the much more expensive Spanish restaurant Igg’s next door. In the evening it has a fairly good selection of Spanish dishes like Bacalao (salt cod fritters), Albondigas (meatballs), Potatas Bravas and Chorizo and Salchicha, but for lunch they do really good bocadillos (Spanish sandwiches) .

The bread is really light while still having a good texture and the fillings are excellent. Mab and the student shared one filled with Spanish omelette, while I had a whole Spanish omelette one to myself, but then I had not had a plate of spicy bean fabada. Nick had one filled with Serrano ham and steak, which also looked pretty good. As if the boccadillos aren’t satisfying enough, they also come with a sizable portion of Potatas Bravas and a bit of salad. We also had a side portion of delicious Escalivida (Catalonian roasted vegetables) and some Paella rice. I also shared a rather good apple tart and ice cream with Mab as we watched Edinburgh outside gradually being enfolded in thick fog.

Complete with four pints of draft Estrella, water and coffees the bill came in at a respectable £60 odd quid, which I thought was quite reasonable for the amount of food we ate. My only beef is that  the tables are all crammed in a bit too much, where we were sitting by the window was on top of a set of steps, so maneuvering around the tables was rather difficult.

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