Skorppio Vodka

One of my retirement presents was this.

Skorppio Vodka

It’s not just a brand name, at the bottom of the bottle is this little chap

Vodka with a sting in the tail?

Ever the adventurers we road-tested said liquor in Martinis last night. It went down well with an olive and a hint of Noilly Pratt vermouth.

“Can’t taste the Scorpion though” said my friend.

“Ah, but do you know what one tastes like?” I replied.

He had to admit he never had and I can’t help but think that it would take an awful lot of vodka before either of us would be brave or daft enough to want to find out.

It reminded me of the joke about the man who visited a distillery and fell in a vat of whisky and had to get out seven times to go to the toilet before he drowned.

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