A Brief Walk Epping Forest – time to try out my new camera.

I bought a new camera yesterday, so I thought let’s take it into Epping Forest and take some pictures of the wildlife. Admittedly I did leave it a bit late in the day to go, so the wildlife had mostly gone to bed. Aside from a couple of mallards and a moorhen, I did catch a fleeting glimpse of a muntjac, but other than that the whole the animal kingdom seemed to be tucked up safely for the night.

Even the Ducks were hiding in Epping Forest

I did, however find some interesting fungi and make friends with a Jack Russell.

Not boring they are Fungi

And there were some quite lovelyviews in the late afternoon light.

Epping Forest late afternoon

Buying the camera was an interesting experience. I had seen the particular model I wanted in a shop a while ago and naturally did a bit of internet research to see what sort of price I could expect to pay. The first retailer I went into was part of a very big national chain on London’s Oxford Street. It wasn’t long before one of the assistants homed in on me like a dog on heat, as I had a fiddled with the camera chained to the stand.

Having watched so many editions of Antiques Roadtrip over the past couple of weeks I knew exactly what to do.

‘What’s the best you can do on this?’ I asked

‘We will match any price sir’ he replied

So I gave him the price and he says

‘Was that an online price?’


‘Oh we don’t match internet prices’

‘But that’s a bit daft, because people will just buy things on the internet and your business will fail’

‘It’s company policy sir’

‘Don’t care, goodbye’

It was at this point I realised that it was pointless trying to haggle with a huge corporation intent on  commiting retail suicide and tried one of the independents on Tottenham Court Road. Here a similar tactic of asking him to match the internet price paid off. Although the dealer could not come down to meet the internet price, he was willing to throw in a nice chunky memory card to clinch the deal. I was happy with the price I paid and he was happy to have made a sale, just shows haggling is not just for the Grand Bazaar in Cairo.

5 thoughts on “A Brief Walk Epping Forest – time to try out my new camera.

  1. Haggling has been the norm for years in the realms of guitar shops. They will normally drop the price or throw in some extra bits. But you don’t play guitar…………..I will get my coat.

  2. Nice post. I Did a bit of haggling myself in Marrakech this week! What camera did you buy and are you pleased with it? I’m still trying to get to grips with my first DSLR bought earlier this year…

    • Hi

      It’s a Nikon P500 Coolpix bridge camera, so far I’m pretty pleased with it. We have just been to Madeira and I took over 500 images! So it’s taking a bit of time to sort through them. I used to have a Minolta SLR back in the days of film, but have only just really got back into photography with this wee beastie.

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