Madeira – Time for Some Cake

Bolo de Arroz and Queijado

Well we could not visit Madeira without sampling some cake, although these two beauties are actually mainland Portuguese origin. In the Rua Santa Maria we discovered the Mariazinzha Bakery by the smell of its freshly baked bread. Most days we’d buy some rolls for lunch. but just for once we decided to try what the locals had for elevenses (To those of you from outside the UK or Ireland elevenses is the British tradition of having a cup of tea and a snack somewhere between breakfast and lunch, usually at 11am)

The Bolo de Arroz  is literally a ball of rice flour baked into cake. Inside it is very light with a distinctive rice flavour. It’s also a bit dry so definitely benefits from being drunk with either some black coffee or some chilled Madeira wine. The Queijado is a creamy cheese cake with a very firm filling, again great with a coffee.

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