A Dessert Bar in London’s Soho – are they Madd?

Well, yes the Madd restaurant in Soho’s Rupert Street, certainly is in name.

Madd Dessert Bar Soho.

Madd stands for Mango and Addiction, but whether the build your own mango dessert restaurant and cocktail bar will be addictive enough for London’s grazers, remains to be seen, however the tempting morsels put out for us at the grand opening last night were absolutely delicious.

Mango, Passion Fruit and Yogurt Desserts

In common with places like Poncho No8 and El Burrito, Madd’s concept is build your own combo, only at Madd it’s sweet rather than savoury. First you choose your mango dessert core, then add whatever toppings you desire. I got to sample the Mango Cheesecake, the Mango and Passion Fruit yogurt and a Mango and Pineapple Upside Down Cake and they were all very good. Desserts start ay £4.50 with extra toppings 80p for two, £1.50 for three.

Chocolate Tart

And for anyone who doesn’t like mango there’s always the Chocolate Tart or Raspberry Panna Cotta. I thought the Chocolate Tart in particular was gorgeous. Drinks include a variety of mango based cocktails like Daiquiris, Margaritas and Mojitos  (£6.50 each) or shooters (£3.50) made with mango puree.

Mad Ceiling at Madd

Whether there is going to be sufficient demand for a mango based dessert bar to survive in Soho is open for question. Places like Patisserie Valerie in Old Comption Street have been selling delicious desserts and cakes in the area for many years, but I can’t help but think Madd may be a little too narrow in it’s product offer. On the plus side the restaurant interior is nicely designed and the desserts are quite divine.



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