A Small Piece of London’s Rock Heritage

No it’s not the Abbey Road Zebra Crossing or the Chelsea Drugstore, it’s not even the Mountain Grill. I found this memorial to the late Clash frontman, Joe Strummer, in West London, close to the tube station at Edgware Road, when attending one of those grim corporate awaydays.

Joe Strummer Subway

Would Joe have approved of his name being applied to an underpass smelling of wee? Who knows.

Well here are the Clash rocking out from my youth, I could have predictably chosen London Calling, but stuff that, here’s Tommy Gun

4 thoughts on “A Small Piece of London’s Rock Heritage

  1. That is great to have a Joe Strummer. I think he would have enjoyed the surroundings. Maybe… Thanks for the Tommy Gun video. Great to watch. I still like London calling, though, but will save that for another day.

    • I’m sure he would have reveled in the idea of having a subway named after him, though I think it has to be remembered that when punk broke in the UK Joe and the band were living in Sebastian Conran’s mansion in Regent’s Park!

  2. I’ve a very good friend, die hard Clash fan who will love to see this next time he’s here in London. Whilst Tommy Gun is a great song, in my opinion its beaten by this one:

    I wasn’t born so much as I fell out.

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