At this time of year I always look forward to seeing these visitors in our back garden.


This is a redwing and he was one of a flock of about 15 birds that settled in the leaf litter and began searching for insects. They do look a bit like a thrush, except for the very distinctive red patch on the side and the yellow eyestripe. Redwings are mostly winter visitors to the UK (there are some that nest in Northern Scotland) , having migrated from Northern Europe to avoid the harsh winter weather, so it must have been a real bummer for them to discover the UK was freezing cold and covered in snow, after flying all that way.

You can see the red patch here

I’m really pleased to have got these snaps today, every time I tried earlier in the week something spooked them before I could get them lined up in the viewfinder and they fled. I shot these at the very limit of the camera’s magnification through a smeary kitchen window so I’m really happy with the end result.


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