While I was making breakfast this morning I noticed this fellow at the bottom of the garden.

Jay striding with purpose

He’s a jay, the most colourful of the UK’s crows, although this does make them more difficult to spot than their black coated relatives. Jays are occasional visitors to our garden, but this was the first time I have been able to get some decent shots of one. The most common corvids that we see in this part of Essex, are jackdaws and magpies, but neither of them can match this fellow for good looks, what with his buff coat, speckled cap and bright blue wing feathers, which you can see quite well in this side view, even if he does have his head turned towards the fence.

A rear end shot showing the blue patch

For the camera geeks I was using a my Nikon P.500 Coolpix at the extreme end of magnification, most of the images were too shaky to be of any use, so I was delighted with these.


2 thoughts on “Jay

    • They are quite common in the UK, occasional garden visitors, but more common in woodland. We are quite lucky because we live on the doorstep of Epping Forest we get lots of birds who lose their way popping in for a worm.

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