Holidays at Home

The UK government is spending rather a lot of the UK taxpayer’s cash on an ad campaign aimed at encouraging all of us UK citizens to spend our holidays at home in the UK for 2012. There are some well-known faces involved like Stephen Fry, Julie Walters and Rupert Grint plugging art and culture and events like HM the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. So far so good and then they went and mentioned the 2012 Olympics!.

Personally I don’t do sport, the very notion of all these people running about and throwing stuff for most of August fills me with dread, and don’t get me started on the chaos that the games will cause for anyone on this side of London when they try to get to work or the amount of money the UK tax payer will have to cough up to pay for this huge vanity project.

The commercial makes a big deal of not needing passports, visas or Euros and the inconvenience of getting up early to catch flights for holidays abroad. That’s all very well, but the last time we took our major summer holiday in Britain we spent two days driving to the West Country where we got consistently rained on for much of the week.

Our west country patio

We spent a fortune on visiting great places like the Eden Centre and the Bodmin and Wenford Railway,

Bodmin and Wenford Steam Railway

where it bucketed down, and got so soaked in Padstow just trying to get to the car, that we might just as well have jumped in the harbour, and then caught in a howling storm at Land’s End.

Yes that is fog rolling in to Cornwall in July

To top all that it wasn’t cheap either. On top of hiring the cottage there was petrol, food and admission fees for places when the weather was too bad to enjoy the seaside. And then there was all the work like driving, shopping, cooking and clearing up after ourselves.  Now I’m not saying that we didn’t have a good time because we did, particularly when we watched David Cameron on the TV enjoying the same grim weather on his smug PR eco Britain break in Devon, however if I’m going to make a big investment in a summer holiday I’d rather be able to enjoy this.

Me Santorini

than endure weather this

Scotland August

I’m not saying that Britain can’t be beautiful or knocking our culture or heritage, but I won’t be told by the government through a bunch of luvies to spend my holidays here and especially not to support an event that I’m not in the least bit interested in.


7 thoughts on “Holidays at Home

  1. Hear hear Ships !
    I don’t do sport either and will keep well away from the olympics. Having said that , for me as ex- pat , Britain anytime is exotic and charming- rain , shine or mist 🙂 x

  2. Great post – I am with you 100% on this one. Last year I went on a UK holiday for the first time in 25 years and these are the reasons I won’t be doing it again:
    ■The weather is just too unreliable and there is nothing worse than getting soaked and miserable and spending lots of money trying to find a dry attraction.
    ■It is too far to drive and the roads are awful. Driving in Spain and France is a relaxing and enjoyable experience but on the UK’s crowded roads it is just no fun.
    ■It isn’t different enough and shopping in Tesco is not the same as going to a local mini-market or the Mercadona and you can get English television which I definately don’t need!
    ■My own fault this one but six weeks after returning home I received a letter from Heddlu Dyfed- Powys Police and a notice of intended prosecution for exceeding the 30 mph speed limit somewhere in Aberystwyth. That’s how to make visitors feel welcome!

    • Don’t I just know it after getting caught in that deluge at Padstow the car smelt of damp fabric for weeks afterward! and shopping at Tesco is depressing enough when you are at home.

  3. I guess I should consider myself lucky. On the two occasions that I’ve been to London, during summer, 3-weeks stay each time; the weather was pretty good. A mist here and there, but nothing to ruin the experience. Consequently, I love it and would easily go back. However, would not consider going during the Olympics or Jubilee. Way too many people!

    • Well London is a great city so there is always something to do no matter what the weather throws at us. I’m quite looking forward to the Jubilee, but not the Olympics. We have been told to moderate our use of public transport during the games to make it all run smoother for visitors, if it hadn’t been for my former employer insisiting on no leave during the event I’d have been off to sunnier climes, but when they axed my job it was too late to change our plans so we are stuck in London for the duration.

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