When is First Class, Not First Class Enough?

When you are travelling on the UK’s East Coast Line between Edinburgh and London at the weekend!

The refurbished part of Kings Cross Station, where our adventure began and finished

We have all seen the commercials featuring Mr Vic Reeves enjoying a nice hot meal with complimentary booze and the menu looks very nice, with full English breakfast, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, regional cheese boards etc, but travel First Class on East Coast at the weekend and all you will get is packet of sandwiches thrown at you, as we discovered on our way back from Edinburgh yesterday.

Apparently, as one of the stewards explained: “The hot meals and free booze are for business customers, people at weekends are just travelling on leisure”

Nice to know that East Coast values people who actually pay for their tickets with their own hard-earned cash, less than business customers getting wined and dined on expenses.

My top travel tip is don’t pay the extra £25 to travel First Class at weekends and have enough cash left over for a decent bottle of gin.


3 thoughts on “When is First Class, Not First Class Enough?

  1. To be honest this all seems a bit the wrong way around. I can understand giving free booze to cusstomers who are travelling for leisure at the weekends, but giving free booze to customers who are on business trips is really inappropriate. These days most “workplaces” are alcohol free and some workplaces even conduct random drink/drug tests. The correct time to drink is in a social context with family and friends and with a special meal (sunday lunch for example). So I think the railways are a bit behind the times here……………

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