A Beautiful British Pint – Paphos Cyprus

Our trip into Paphos town centre revealed an unexpected piece of Britain’s colonial legacy in Cyprus.

A pair of beautiful British pints

Not the contents, that was Keo lager the local brew, but the dimpled jugs. These used to be really common in British pubs in the 60s and 70s, but are rarely to be seen in the UK anymore as every different brew seems to have its very own pint pot. So we had a bit of a nostalgia trip sitting on the terrace of the Sovos Tavern.

The centre of Paphos is a €1 bus ride from the tourist part of Paphos at the harbour and one thing that has changed since our last visit is that you can now buy an all day go as you please ticket for anywhere on the local bus network for just €2.

We’d gone into the town centre to pick up a few souvenirs in the covered market.

Inside the covered market note the time saving Christmas decorations already in place for December

This is the best place to pick up things like leather goods, textiles, silver and local food items like Cypriot Delight, there being much more choice here than down by the seafront and the prices are much keener. Two table cloths and some nut brittle later we decided to have a little explore of the town, since the weather was so nice.

Mosque Paphos

One of the highlights is the local mosque, which is looking a lot more healthy than it did back in the 90s. Before the British occupation of the islands, Cyprus was part of the Ottoman Empire and many Turkish people settled on the island, bringing Islam with them. Following the partition of the island after the failed coup and Turkish invasion of 1973, many of the abandoned mosques in the southern Greek half of the island fell into disrepair. However since Cyprus joined the European Union many of these buildings have been refurbished as relations between the two communities gradually improve.

But man cannot live by shopping and sightseeing alone so we returned to the Sovos Tavern for a massive Halloumi and Lountza sandwich


All this for €5


before catching the bus back to the seaside.


7 thoughts on “A Beautiful British Pint – Paphos Cyprus

  1. Shame about those beer glasses. I read once that they had to go because they were too handy to be used as a weapon in a fight and one of those across the back of the head would certainly do some damage!

      • How did you find the KEO? I wasn’t a big fan – in Protaras they had Hellenic Pils on tap which was a lot nicer but was served in bog standard pint glasses with “Only Fools and Horses Pub” logo on them!

      • KEO is a bog standard mass produced lager, OK for thirst quenching, but that’s as far as it goes. Didn’t see Hellenic Pils, but we did give the local brew Leon a go, again alright,, better than the locally made Carlsberg, but nothing special.

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