Animals are Lazy! – Edinburgh Zoo

One of my favourite overheard remarks at the weekend was ‘Animals are just so lazy!’

Can’t see why anyone should think that. Or can I?

Rockhopper penguin

I remember explaining to a workmate why penguins no longer need to fly in evolutionary terms. Her response was ‘no they are just lazy birds’

Lazy gentoo penguin

Not that the cats are much better,

Amur Leopard

apparently there are only 36 of these Amur leopards left on the Chinese/Russian border.

Edinburgh’s other Amur leopard

If big cats have made a kill and eaten they can sleep for 22 hours out of 24.

Black jaguar

The south and central American jaguars come in two different colour schemes; black,

Traditional spotted jaguar

and spotted, makes choosing suitable pyjamas easy I suppose.

However some younger animals, like this baby pygmy hippo were a bit more active.

Wake up Mum

While the meerkats were positively hyper.

Next person who says Simples gets his face ripped off


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