Pebble Thief – Edinburgh Zoo

The big penguin pool at Edinburgh Zoo has sprung a leak so most of the penguins are on holiday at other zoos.

The only exceptions are some of the rockhoppers,

Rockhopper penguin

and the gentoo, who have been found alternative accommodation. Despite the upheaval the gentoo are nesting and some have even laid eggs.

Would that be a nest egg?

I find these creatures quite fascinating to watch, especially when there are some nests that are obviously,

No place like home

much, much better than others,

Ohh nice pebbles

and then someone get’s caught red-flippered,


breaking and entering.

I got a pebble and you can’t catch me

One thought on “Pebble Thief – Edinburgh Zoo

  1. What is interesting is the concept of guilty conscience. It was a deliberate theft and a pre-mediated act. He knew it was a “wrong thing to do” and had a good look round BEFORE stealing the pebble to make sure the home owners were out. It was great when he was caught in the act by the home owners.

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