Animals are Lazy II – Edinburgh Zoo

It’s one of those awkward questions many parents dread on any zoo visit.

“Why’s that monkey got such a big bottom Daddy?”

For most primates it’s a signal that they are ready to mate, but not for the gelada baboon from Ethiopia.

Gelada baboon, a fan of a nice sit down

These creatures spend so much time sitting on their bottoms that their chests have become the principle area of sexual display.

Male gelada baboon, waitng for a nice cup of tea and a biscuit

As you can see even the male has quite a cleavage!

Despite all this lazing around, he’s been quite a busy boy, as most of his wives have small bundles of joy. Geladas live in family groups with each male having up to twelve wives.

One of the harem

So twelve willing women and sitting on his bum doing nothing all day, living the male dream eh?


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