Hugo, George Melies, Son of Frankenstein and Allo Allo

Thinking about Horror movies reminded me seeing Martin Scorsese’s Hugo a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed the tale of the orphan who discovers that the toy stall holder (Ben Kingsley) is in fact cinema pioneer Georges Melies.

However I did think that Sacha Baron Cohen’s Station Inspector owed a lot to both Lionel Atwill’s Inspector Krogh in Son of Frankenstein, even though it was a leg caliper he kept adjusting rather than the prosthetic arm that replaced the original ripped off by the monster,

and perhaps more unfortunately Allo Allo‘s Officer Crabtree.

Somehow even Hugo‘s 3D effects though were not as magical as Melies original movies like Le Voyage dans la Lune,

such a shame so many of them were recycled into army boot heels during the First World War.

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