The Bear Necessities – Edinburgh Zoo

I couldn’t help but be reminded of Baloo in Disney’s The Jungle Book when I saw this bear having a good old rub against the tree trunk in Edinburgh Zoo.

Sun Bear – Edinburgh Zoo

He wasn’t the only animal enjoying the Scottish sunshine, while London drowned over the Jubilee weekend.

Patagonian sea lion

This sea lion was having a kip, but just for a change the Amur Leopard (the world’s rarest big cat, there are only 38 in the wild) was pacing up and down its enclosure.

World’s rarest feline – the Amur Leopard from the Russo-Chinese borderlands

Which made a change from all the other big cats who were all having a nice lie down.

One-eyed tiger

‘Look it’s a rat-bear thing’ called a little voice.


Actually that’s not a bad description as the binturong is also known as a bearcat. It’s not a bear but a relative of the civet and is found in forested parts of Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia and Indochina where it eats fruit, eggs and small rodents.


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