Boa Vista, Cape Verde – Birds and Bees

While Boa Vista is one of the semi-arid Cape Verde Islands, the landscaped area around the Riu Karamboa’s pool area is a haven for the local bees. Judging from their shape I think they must be some kind of bumble-bee, but I have yet to identify the specific species.

I’m going in

They quite clearly liked what they could find in these pink flowers.

Prepare for entry

It was fascinating to watch them crawl right inside the flower trumpet.

Time to reverse out

Then back out again covered in pollen and tumbling down before being able to open their wings and buzz off.

Out at last

The flowers themselves were quite interesting to observe as they gradually closed over during the day to preserve moisture in the face of the unrelenting sun and wind.

The flower beds also harboured another visitor.

I’m just nipping off to the beach

These land crabs live in burrows on the beach, but I think this fellow was probably hiding from the brown necked ravens that perched on the thatched roof of the pool bar.

Crab I is looking for you

There are three kinds of sparrow in the Cape Verde Islands and these little opportunists were never far away when there were crumbs to be had.

Cape Verde or Iago Sparrow

The Cape Verde or Iago sparrow has a little black bib just below his chin and often hangs out with the more familiar Spanish and house sparrows.

Spanish Sparrow, Ole!

The Spanish sparrows are similar to European house sparrows except that they have a russet cap and the male birds are more heavily marked on the chest. To make matters more confusing the two species hybridise quite freely.

Did someone say crumbs?

These birds are remarkably confident and will take food from your hand, but they don’t have it all their own way.

Hotel Cat, Karamboa

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