Chiswick Park Station

I went to see a designer pal in Chiswick, west London, last week. Naturally I had my trusty Nikon in my bag, just in case I saw anything interesting on my way.

One thing you can’t miss is the tube station.

Where’s the tube station, oh under that!

Thanks to the bloody great tower with the tube roundel on it. The station at Chiswick Park was opened in 1879 serving the old Metropolitan District Railway which is now the London Underground’s District Line (although this bit is over the ground of course) . In the 1930s the station was rebuilt to accommodate extra track for the extension of the Piccadilly Line westward from Hammersmith.

A Piccadilly Line Train hurtles through Chiswick Park

Although the Piccadilly Line trains don’t stop at Chiswick Park the station was rebuilt in the Art Deco style utilised on the Piccadilly Line’s eastbound extension.

Art Deco style tube station at Chiswick Park

Designed by Charles Holden, the station features a tall semi-circular ticket hall with clerestory windows, and was inspired by Krumme Lanke Station in Berlin.

Clerestory Windows at Chiswick Park Station

It’s my opinion that stations took on certain roles of churches for the Art Deco architects of the 1920s and 30s. New clean electric trains were a symbol of the new order of modern life and stations were the gateway to this new age of mass passenger transit that thousands of people passed through daily. It is fitting that they should be places of awe and wonder.

3 thoughts on “Chiswick Park Station

  1. I find it hard to think of Chiswick Park Station as a place of awe and wonder. But that’s mainly because Holden’s stations on this line (e.g. Osterley, with even more bizarre tower) have been shamefully neglected since they were built.

    • Perhaps London Underground or the Mayor of London could spend a bit of cash for the Underground’s 150th anniaversary next year on restoring them to their former glory

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