Hats Off to Soho’s Backstreets

Sorry about the pun, unable to resist using it in conjunction with this picture that I snapped in Soho’s Hollen Street, just around the back of Oxford Street.

Hat Factory

The building dates back to 1887, but Henry Heath had been making posh hats in the area since the Regency. Of course it’s not a hat factory anymore, but home to various creative industry offices, where no doubt they appreciate the rather lovely lettering on the exterior.

Anyhow if you take a walk around the corner into Oxford Street you see this ornate pile above the Officer’s Club shop.

This is where Heath’s hat shop was. It was designed by the architects Christopher and White and if you look way up you can just about see three stone beavers. These photos were taken with ny old Sony compact which does not have the Nikon’s magnificatuion.

Cute you may think, until you investigate the beaver’s role in the Victorian hat industry!

If you want to find this building its opposite the 100 Club close to Tottenham Court Road tube station..


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