Up the Rhodes to the Acropolis

On Wednesday morning we got up really early to climb the 300 steps up through Lindos to the Crusader Castle and the ancient Acropolis. there were two good reasons for this; avoiding the heat and the crowds of day visitors from other resorts and the cruise liners. Fortunately the acropolis opens at 8.30, so we had breakfast and were soon passing the alarm clocks on the way into town.

The alarm clocks of Rhodes

Even early in the morning it was a bit of a slog up the hill, but there was the odd place to take a photo of the view while taking a breather.

View of Bay of Lindos

The Castle was built by the Knights of the Order of St John of Jerusalem around 1317 on the base of an earlier Byzantine fortification.

Entrance to the castle

Of course the Byzantine fortress was built over previous Greek and Roman buildings. At the top of the fortress is the partially restored Temple of Athena.

Temple of Athena

This Doric temple dates to around 300BC.  A monumental staircase leads down from the temple to the remains of a Stoa (colonnaded covered walkway)

The Stoa at Lindos

that originally consisted of 42 columns. It was probably a covered market and dates back to 200BC.

Close to the stoa are the remains of the Greek Orthodox Church of St John. These are 13th century, but built over the remains of an earlier Byzantine church.

Greek Orthodox Church, Lindos

Not all of the visitors had paid the €6 to get in

It was starting to get really hot by 10.oo, but by then we had seen just about all there was to see and the day trippers were begining to arrive all hot and bothered by the coach load.

Our gateway to the outside world

Old ladies had pitched stalls selling textiles on the rocks by the path on the way down. We bought a table-cloth from one and told the next one that: ‘her friend had already had our money’

‘She’s not my friend’ she replied.

Gotta love Greek old ladies.




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