Cheetahs at Whipsnade

Since yesterday was such a lovely day we decided to go and see the new arrivals at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire.

Dubai and some of her seven cubs

Back in 2010 Dubai became the first captive north African cheetah in the UK to produce a litter of five cubs. this year she has gone two better with seven.

Cheetah cubs Whipsnade

The captive breeding programme for these north African cheetahs is critically important as there are only around 250 left in their natural environment. As a species there are fewer than 10,000 cheetahs left worldwide.

The cubs are very playful

At Whipsnade they have a good-sized paddock with plenty of space to run around, but I think we were really lucky to get to see them as although they are very playful, in the heat of the day they also like a cuddle with mum.

Can’t beat a cuddle with mum

Whipsnade Zoo is the country branch of ZSL London Zoo and as the UK’s largest zoo there is plenty of space for the larger animals to roam around in spacious paddocks. To get there from London take a train to Luton or Hemel Hempstead and then the X31 bus, or by road take exit 21 from the M25 onto the M1 and follow the signs. Entry is £19.50 and it will cost £4 to ransom your car back from the car park.

More post with cute pictures of other beasts will follow.



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