Running Free at Whipsnade Zoo

One of the fun things about Whipsnade are the animals that are roaming free.


This is a mara, a kind of giant guinea pig, in fact he’s the fourth largest rodent in the world. they roam all over the public areas of the Zoo. Naturally avoiding places like this,

Here be lions

where they might end up on the menu. Aside from the maras there are free roaming peafowl, muntjac deer and Bennet’s wallabies.

Bennet’s Wallaby

Bennett’s wallabies are from Tasmania and the south-west coast of Australia so they are well suited to the UK climate. The wallabies at Whipsnade were originally captive but broke out of their enclosures many years ago and are now all over the place. They have escaped from many other places here too so there are colonies of the wee rascals living wild all over the UK, which must infuriate the Daily Express!

This little chap however wasn’t meant to be out and about.

The great escape

He’s a silvery marmoset who broke out of the Discovery Centre during our visit. The keepers were soon after him with a net and a bell. I imagine the bell must be rung at feeding time, mind you I don’t think he had heard of Pavlov and his dog, judging by the merry dance he was leading!

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