Compare the Meerkat – Whipsnade Zoo

I’m making no apologies for either using the advertising slogan or dishing up another set of photos from our trip to Whipsnade Zoo. We were very fortunate to have such lovely weather and to catch so many of the animals being active.

Meerkats make such great photographic subjects because it is so easy to anthropomorphize them, with their ability to stand upright on their hind legs.

Got any crisps?

There were three meerkats scuttling about when we visited their enclosure. I think some of their visitors must slip them the odd treat, judging from the brazen begging that was going on.

The Whipsnade synchronised begging team prepare to go into action

I think it’s a shame that the poor critters have been encouraged to do this sort of thing as they are no doubt being fed stuff that isn’t that good for them.

Go on give us a bit

Their behaviour does make for some engaging photography and it’s easy to see why the advertisements for price comparison website, that feature the Russian Meerkat Aleksandr Orlov (his Russian accent makes meerkat sound very similar to market, clever huh?) have struck such a resonant chord with viewers. In fact Aleksandr’s recognition has probably outstripped that of the website he advertises, as his ‘autobiography’ outsold those of Tony Blair, Cheryl Cole and Russell Brand when it was released in 2010.

Leave it out with the Seemples please

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