Penguins – nature’s dapper gentlemen – Whipsnade Zoo

I am very fond of penguins, they remind me of dancers from 1930’s film musicals decked out in their tailcoats.

Rockhopper Penguin

I think it’s the way that they stand bolt upright that makes it so easy to anthropomorphise the little critters.

Blackfooted Penguin does the breaststroke

We saw two types of penguin at Whipsnade. The handsome rockhoppers, with their bushy yellow eyebrows, come from the sub-Antarctic islands, where they hop around on the rocky coasts.

And now the front crawl

The blackfooted penguins are from the coasts of South Africa and Namibia. I think that Whipsnade’s penguins used to live at the fabulous Art Deco Lubetkin Pool in London Zoo. Despite the Lubetkin being very nice to look at, the penguins much prefer their new home where they can scratch about in the dirt and do the kind of things penguins do, including making more penguins!

Nothing quite like an early morning dip.


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