The Last Whipsnade Zoo Post – Honest

Been a bit busy with some paid for work today so here’s a roundup of photos from our trip to Whipsnade Zoo that didn’t fit under smartarse titles.

Grevy’s Zebra

My friend remarked that if animals were filed according to colour the zebras would have to share their enclosure with penguins,

Blackfooted Penguin

badgers, ring tailed lemurs,

Ring Tailed Lemur

Malayan tapirs, sheep dogs, killer whales, Postman Pat’s cat and pandas.

Red Panda

Only not red pandas, mind you I’m confused as to how anyone could think this little fellow was anything like a regular monochrome panda. Well aside from being asleep most of the time, but then my cat would also qualify as a panda if that was the criteria to judge them by.

Male ostriches come in black and white too. when we visited there were lots of eggs,

Proud mum

so by now there are probably lots of little ostriches scampering about. Ostriches also have long necks which brings me on to giraffes,


who are very hard to fit into a photo.

Pere David’s deer were wiped out in their native China when the last remnants of the Emperor’s captive deer herd were eaten during the Boxer rebellion of 1900.

Pere David’s deer

Fortunately some naughty European aristos had smuggled some deer back home, so all of the Pere David’s deer found today, including those reintroduced to China, are descended from a herd collected together at Woburn Abbey. The name comes from the French missionary Armand David who shipped the first carcass back to Paris for identification in 1866. The deer are well adapted for living in marshland with feet that splay out.

This pretty creature is an Persian Onegar,

Persian Onegar

a subspecies of wild ass found in Iran. Don’t be fooled by the cute looks they have a reputation for being untamable.

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