Return of an Old Friend

I was just washing up the breakfast things when I saw a flash of red from the garden.

Byron the Green Woodpecker

I ran for the camera as it was Byron our green woodpecker‘s red skull cap and I hadn’t seen him for ages. Funny thing was on Monday Mike Dilger, on BBC’s The One Show, ran their first ever film piece of a green woodpecker in someone’s garden in Gloucestershire. Had I known he wanted to film one so much I could have saved him the journey from Television Centre to the south-west.

Keeping a watch out for cats

Green woodpeckers don’t actually spend a lot of time up trees hammering away. What they really like to eat are ants, so the most common place to see them is on the ground. Fortunately I think we have plenty of ants in the garden as these birds need to eat a couple of thousand a day. Well they are kind of small!

Handsome chap isn’t he?


4 thoughts on “Return of an Old Friend

    • That may be a great or a lesser spotted woodpecker, they do spend a lot of time hammering on trees, we hear them occasionally, but I have yet to see one. Cuckoos are very rare these days, the only time I have seen one was when we went seal watching in the backwaters of Walton on the Naze

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