Mexico 2012 – I’ll get my Coati

Touching down at a wet cold and foggy Gatwick Airport on Tuesday it hardly seemed possible that just a week earlier we had been awakened by these fellows crashing through the mangrove swamp outside our apartment on Mexico’s Mayan Riviera.

White nosed coati

It was a family troop of white nosed coati, relatives of the raccoon. These fellows were pretty bold, almost as soon as they saw me with my camera they were happily posing,

We are coming to get you

and then up onto the balcony looking for breakfast.

Where’s the bacon?

Having seen their sharp pointy teeth I popped back inside and shut the door before we had any kind of misunderstanding. I imagine the apartment’s previous occupants must have been feeding them, but I wasn’t up for that in my opinion wild animals should be foraging for wild food not being fed from an all-inclusive buffet breakfast. Mind you if anyone else wanted to feed them by hand that was up to them and I wasn’t going to miss a good photo-op for any eco-hippy principles.

Family breakfast

Especially as they were taking the risk of bites, scratches, tetanus, blood poisoning and fleas.

Gimme, gimme gimme

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