Sexed Up Sprouts

I actually quite like Brussels Sprouts, shocking isn’t it? However for many people the sprout is the one item from the festive menu guaranteed to cause dread. Personally I believe that’s down the poor sprouts having the life boiled out of them in kitchens busy with roast turkey, spuds and chipolatas, leaving them soggy enough to be strained through your teeth, when a few seconds in boiling water is all they need to retain some crunch.

My sexed up sprouts in the pan

My sexed up sprouts in the pan

Having said that, there are more exotic things you can do to the humble sprout than dropping it into boiling water. My sexed up sprouts are a great accompaniment to a roast dinner, fish or a steak. Here’s how it’s done.

The one thing I do find tedious about this vegetable is the preparation, no escape here, but once the sprouts have been cleaned and the outer leaves discarded just slice them up and put to the side. Right heat some oil in a frying pan and fling some chopped leek in, add two chopped chili peppers and some slices of bacon. Let the bacon cook for a bit to release some of the fat into the oil and add the sprouts. Give it a couple of minutes and the odd stir and they’re ready to eat. For a bit of variety you could switch the bacon for chorizo or try adding some garlic or onion.

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